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Last updated: 20-02-2019 01:04:14 CET
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Bitcoin / BTC
3467.53 EUR
Ethereum / ETH
127.18 EUR
Ethereum Classic / ETC
Litecoin / LTC
41.81 EUR
Ripple / XRP
0.29 EUR
Dash / DASH
77.18 EUR
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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in seconds easily! Enjoy cryptocurrency transactions with advanced user experience and functional design.

Don't be constrained to long transaction periods of traditional financial institutions. Make profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a real-time and automated system.

Are You Interested in Professional Trading?


Bitpapel is designed specifically for high-volume traders and professionals. We offer world-class experience in cryptocurrency trading.

  • Exchange - It is the service that converts cryptocurrencies to each other and allows trading of these currencies. In addition, cryptocurrencies can be converted to traditional currencies such as TL and Euro. The system, which operates with the logic of the exchange bureau, is operating based on the automation system.
  • Margin Trading - It is based on the practice of processing assurance in order to take risks. The system will allow you to make transactions depending on the assurance you define. The transactions may profit through the estimates of the coins movements to upwards (long) or downwards (short).
  • Margin Funding Market - It allows the ability to provide funding to one of the equal funding units for those who are willing to make medium-sized initiatives instead of large investments. It is used for bitcoin trading as a result of the offer received. Margin funding interest is paid to the fund provider with the funded currency.
  • All Trading Transactions - It is a service where you can easily perform all professional trading transactions. There are options such as market order, purchase limit, sales limit, stopping purchase, and stopping the sale. All trading and conversion transactions can be performed.
  • Customizable Interface - Our customizable interface is intended to improve the user experience. There are two color options in our practical design. While these customizations offer a unique experience, it also allows ease of use and comfortable transactions for the beginners.
  • API Platform - It is an open-ended, qualified service which offers opportunities for your potential projects. We provide highly advanced API opportunity in order to let you realize your unique projects and tools or make exchange transactions.

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Ethereum $ 1050.91
Monero $ 333.34
Bitcoin $ 11590.44
Dash $ 851.72


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Meet cryptocurrency ATMs in 70 different locations in 4 European countries. New locations are included in our network every week.

  • 70 Locations

  • 4 Countries

  • 5 Cryptocurrencies

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Leading cryptocurrency mining companies of Europe have multiple mining facilities powered by renewable resources such as mine and wind power. The facilities are located in Austria, Sweden, and Turkey.

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Have low-cost and long-lasting production power, which is designed especially for you.

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